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Corrado Cattani, ein junger Kommissar aus Mailand, wird zum Polizeichef einer kleinen Stadt auf Sizilien ernannt. Sein Vorgänger wurde ermordet. Cattani nimmt den Kampf gegen das organisierte Verbrechen auf und rückt bald ins Visier der Unterwelt. Allein gegen die Mafia (Originaltitel: „La Piovra“, dt.: „Der Krake“) ist eine vom italienischen Sender Rai Uno produzierte Thrillerserie. Sie lief in 10 Staffeln. La mafia, ricca, potente, assassina, stringe l'isola nella sua morsa di minacce e ritorsioni. A contrastare questo potere sanguinario viene chiamato da Roma il. - Kaufen Sie The Octopus Series 7 (La Piovra) (La Mafia) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. The Octopus 4 (La Piovra 4) (Allein gegen die Mafia 4) [ NON-​USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.4 Import - Australia ]: Michele Placido, Remo Girone.

la piovra

Allein gegen die Mafia (La Piovra) - Komplettbox alle 47 Folgen der Kult-Mafia-​Serie aus den Jahren 19Allein gegen die Mafia auf DVD von. The Octopus 4 (La Piovra 4) (Allein gegen die Mafia 4) [ NON-​USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.4 Import - Australia ]: Michele Placido, Remo Girone. Das Staatsfernsehen in Afghanistan zeigte die Serie La Piovra immer mittwochabends. Der Krake fesselte die Kabuler. Auch ich war mit zehn Jahren der Serie.

Regissör var Damiano Damiani. Corrado Cattani utses till kommissariens efterträdare. Han flyttar till staden med sin fru och dottern Paola och börjar utreda mordet.

Cattanis fru tror att han är otrogen med Titti och är därför själv otrogen med en TV-journalist, varefter hon lämnar sin man, men Paola väljer att bo kvar hos sin far.

Trots detta fortsätter han omutligt med sina undersökningar ända tills Paola blir kidnappad och förundersökningsmaterialet blir stulet.

Den andra säsongen hade premiär med Florestano Vancini som regissör. Samma inspelningsplatser som i den första serien användes.

För djuret, se Bläckfiskar. Namnrymder Artikel Diskussion. By the end of the season, Cattani has enough evidence to help prosecutors file charges against key figures of organized crime.

Attorney Terazini turns out to be the most influential Mafia boss on the island, and with a lot of effort and risk-taking from Cattani, is eventually put behind bars.

In the last episode, Else Cattani dies in her husband's arms in an assassination attempt on him. The second season solidified the success of the production, with an average rating of 15 million viewers per episode in Italy.

The third season of La Piovra launched in and this time had seven episodes. The production style changed somewhat this time around as well.

Directing duties passed to Luigi Perelli, who, in contrast to his predecessors Damiano Damiani and Florestano Vancini, had previously mainly worked in television.

The screenplay was written by Sandro Petraglia and Stefano Rulli , who would later go on to work together again on the feature film The Stolen Children , among other productions.

The show's ratings in Italy remained high, but started to show a slight downward trend. While an average of 15 million viewers had watched the first two seasons, the third one was watched by an average of 12 million Italian viewers.

It was also sold to 77 countries, including the Soviet Union. In this season, the action moves to Milan. The story exposes the actions of the financial mafia and international money-laundering channels.

Corrado Cattani launches an investigation into the largest Italian bank, Antinari, and he meets members of the Antinari family.

He falls in love with Giulia Giuliana De Sio , the daughter of the family patriarch, Carlo Antinari, who runs the bank with his father, Nicola Antinari.

Gaetano "Tano" Cariddi Remo Girone , the most notorious mafia character of the series, initially holds the role of assistant at the Antinari Bank, before becoming its sole owner at the end of the season.

Again directed by Luigi Perelli, the fourth season, launched in , proved to be the most successful of the series.

It reached an average of over 14 million viewers, a noticeable uptick from the previous season, and the last episode achieved a peak of The number of episodes returned to 6, but the length of each one was increased from 60 minutes up to nearly minutes.

Luigi Perelli was back at the helm of the project, with Petraglia and Rulli once again writing the screenplay. The fourth season was the last one featuring Michele Placido in the lead role of Corrado Cattani.

Placido had made the decision to leave the production and return to other projects after five years, as he no longer wished to be associated with the character he had portrayed so successfully.

The fate of the beloved commissioner preoccupied the Italian public weeks before the new season's launch, and there was much speculation as to which way the show would end.

La Repubblica , one of the largest daily newspapers in Italy, produced several reports on the subject in a single day.

After the last episode, speculations arose that Rai had filmed an alternative and more positive ending to the fourth season. In order to maintain sole rule, he arranges for Giulia Antinari to drown in a "bathing accident".

With this, Tano becomes Corrado Cattani's mortal enemy. Tano's machinations reach their peak as he strategically marries Ester Rasi Simona Cavallari , daughter of powerful insurance company president Filippo Rasi Claude Rich , and after realizing that she is actually helping the police, kills her.

The investigation into the case of the mysterious murder of a casino owner, Carmelo Tinadari, has been entrusted to a new judge - the legendary Silvia Conti Patricia Millardet , with whom Cattani initially quarrels, but later has a love affair.

What follows is an intense series of dangerous criminal cases with multiple homicides and attempts on Cattani's life.

When the Mafia realizes that Conti is unshakeable and will not succumb to corruption, they organize her abduction and rape. Shortly after Ester's death, Cattani is able to uncover all the associates involved in a nuclear waste smuggling business, whose principal organizer is Tano.

In the last episode, one morning in the courtyard of a Milan hospital, Cattani is ambushed by multiple gunmen and killed on the spot.

Silvia Conti finds his corpse, and vows to avenge him. After Michele Placido's departure, the creators of the series had to solve the difficult task of maintaining continuity with the story, while introducing a new lead actor in a credible manner.

They did so by creating the character of Davide Licata Vittorio Mezzogiorno , a new commissioner with a different, harder look and approach.

The plot was also moved back to Sicily. Real economic issues were again used as a story background, with a focus on embezzlement of state funds that were approved for structural projects in Sicily and then disappeared into other channels.

Political attacks on the series increased so much after this season that Rai was forced to temporarily stop production see Reaction in Italy.

The season was again helmed by Luigi Perelli, and launched in The two main links to the previous story include the judge Silvia Conti, who wants to find the murderers of Corrado Cattani, and head mobster Tano Cariddi, who continues to engage in criminal activities.

Davide Licata enters the plot as a police officer who had to flee to the United States in the '70s because he was the last survivor of a police force on the Mafia's hit list.

There, Licata witnesses the downfall of the wealthy Linori family and is dragged into a vortex of violence to which all male family members eventually fall victim.

Judge Conti gets involved and interferes with the Mafia's business, so another hit is put on her life. She is saved by Licata, who begins to collaborate with her more actively.

Licata discovers that one of the men involved in the murders of his former police unit has withdrawn to a monastery and he decides to pursue this thread.

All the while, he has been successfully infiltrating the Linori family and thus indirectly the Mafia as well, until he has gained their trust.

He is considered so trustworthy that Cariddi hires him as his chauffeur, not realizing that he is dealing with the successor of his former mortal enemy Corrado Cattani.

The action and convoluted criminal dealings take the viewer from the Mafia heartland in Sicily to banking centres in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Bavaria, all the way to Africa, where the Mafia is conducting clandestine drug and weapons deals.

The season ends with Tano, having escaped an attempt on his life by his previous confreres, the Linori family, flees Sicily with his sister, ostensibly for good.

The context this time focused on global connections between crime, politics, and finance, with high-stakes involvement in drug trafficking and the embezzlement of aid for the Third World.

A link to the Nazi past is introduced. The latest season was co-produced by the Austrian broadcasting company ORF , partly due to the addition of Vienna as a new filming location.

With this new international dimension to the show, the producers expected to see an increase in international viewership.

Brenno has made his way to the top of the organization with unprecedented brutality, not only killing internal rivals but also targeting those who are seen as meddling from the outside.

Davide Licata, back for another season, barely gets away with his life in an assassination attempt ordered by Brenno, and sustains a permanent injury, with a bullet that can no longer be removed from his skull and which causes him violent headaches.

Meanwhile, Tano Cariddi, suffering from severe drug addiction and depression, is located in Dakar , Senegal by Licata and brought back to Italy to act as a key witness against the Mafia.

The police leverages Tano's only remaining emotional attachment to his disabled sister Maria as a way to manipulate him.

Brenno's henchmen do the same, however, and Maria is brutally raped. Faced with the fate of his badly traumatized sister, Tano is ready to cooperate fully with the authorities.

In less than a week, he transforms himself from an opium-dependent bundle of nerves to his erstwhile cold and calculatingly efficient operator.

The season continues with various plots and sub-plots, Mafia rivalries and schisms, Turkish drug-running channels, and even a connection with a former Nazi concentration camp supervisor in Czechoslovakia.

The season closes with Licata and Cariddi luring the banker back to the concentration camp, now a heroin lab. Licata is at this point struggling with his health and only barely manages to overpower the old man, but dies soon after as a consequence of his previous injury.

The seventh season of La Piovra launched in after a three-year gap, the longest between seasons to date. Vittorio Mezzogiorno had left the show after the previous season, and as the second dead lead protagonist in the series, there were concerns about repeating the same pattern again and thus leading to viewer fatigue.

Luigi Perelli again directed, the setting was brought back to Trapani, and Countess Olga Camastra Florinda Bolkan reappeared, in order to re-establish continuity with the story of Corrado Cattani, whose life had been cut short at the end of the fourth season.

Several new elements were introduced this time around, including connections with the occult Thule Society and the pseudo-Masonic ultra-right Propaganda Due.

Viewers and critics responded positively to the seventh season. After seasons 1, 2, and 4, the 7th season won the Italian television award Telegatto for the first time.

Ratings continued their slightly declining trend, however, and the show garnered an average of Season 7 essentially follows two storylines: On the one hand, brutal gang warfare is taking place in Trapani involving extortion of protection money, and on the other, a secret fascist society is allied with the Mafia and together they control society from behind the scenes.

Additionally, the Masonic lodge is planning to invest huge amounts of money in Russian financial holdings. The link between the two levels of action is Countess Olga Camastra, familiar to viewers of the first two seasons of the show.

She was previously romantically linked to Corrado Cattani but later ended up going to jail. After her acquittal, she manages to pursue her business activities all the more successfully, so that she is now counted among the most respected entrepreneurs in Sicily.

The plot begins with the murder of Rosario Granchio, a Sicilian criminal from the immediate vicinity of Don Nazzareno "Nuzzo" Marciano Stefan Danailov , the local mafia boss who controls a large part of the protection funds in Palermo.

In order to solve the murder, Silvia Conti Patricia Millardet is transferred to Sicily, where she meets the same distrust as Corrado Cattani once did.

The young vice-commissioner Gianni Breda Raoul Bova becomes her supporter and assistant. Marciano's behaviour, which is becoming increasingly brutal, is initially difficult for Conti and Breda to understand.

Sara Romina Mondello , the young daughter of the murdered Rosario Granchio, plays a central role in this. She is moved into Nuzzo's house to ensure her silence.

Various intrigues among the dons and mafiosi ensue, embroiling high-profile business people such as Olga Camastra, judge Conti, and the police.

Conti's investigation ruffles feathers and the Mafia use their influence to have her transferred to a UN post, which she refuses.

As the noose begins to tighten around Camastra, both from the side of the mobsters and Conti's investigation, it is revealed that it was the countess who ordered the assassination of Cattani, partly due to instructions she herself received, and partly due to their unsuccessful love affair.

She is eventually jailed again, and dies in her cell, killed by a mob henchman. The eighth season of La Piovra , which was released in , was a radical departure from the previous seven.

The new director, Giacomo Battiato , took the show in a new direction, returning to the origins of the Sicilian mafia in the s in a prequel to the action of previous seasons.

This new plot line would continue into the ninth season, which was set in the s. Season eight contained only two episodes, a trend which would continue for the remainder of the long-running series.

Audience response was generally positive, and the show won several international prizes. New screenwriters were hired as well, with Alessandro Sermoneta and Mimmo Rafele joining the project.

The only personal connection to previous seasons was the story of the young Tano Cariddi Primo Reggiani and his sister Maria Ana Torrent.

Other actors from previous seasons also reappeared, most notably Renato Mori , once in the role of Vice-Commissioner Giuseppe Altero, partner to Corrado Cattani, now as the aging mafia boss Don Calogero Albanese.

The actor Tony Sperandeo on the other hand, did not change sides: previously killer Santino Rocchi in season six, now mafia henchman Turi Mondello.

The story begins with a brutal power struggle within the local mafia of a small Sicilian town. The power-hungry Pietro Favignana Luca Zingaretti kills the aging Don Albanese and rapes his daughter Rosario Daniela "Mietta" Miglietta , forces her to marry him, and thus becomes the new mob boss.

Favignana then goes head to head with the leader of a planned development project, Baron Francesco Altamura Claudio Gora , who refuses to allow the Mafia to get involved in the deal.

With the help of the German consulate and the undercover police captain Carlo Arcuti, the boy is rescued and the entire Favignana gang arrested.

Favignana himself escapes to New York, however, where he hones his drug-smuggling skills. His accomplices in Sicily receive light sentences and the boss soon returns home.

With unprecedented brutality, Favignana sets out to bring the region back under his control. Opponents and employees suspected of cooperation with the state are liquidated.

Baron Altamura, facing increased pressure to comply with the Mafia, eventually capitulates and agrees to make a deal with Favignana.

During this time, the Baroness has been having an affair with the young Arcuti. During Favignana's trial, the truth about their relationship is revealed and the captain is recalled to Rome to face an official investigation.

The Baroness feels compelled to continue living with her husband Francesco for the good of their child, knowing that he had commissioned a failed assassination attempt against her lover Arcuti.

When Rosaria Favignana learns from Tano that her father Don Albanese was forced to commit suicide by her husband, she stabs Pietro in front of the courthouse, killing him.

Finally, eager to learn and grow, Tano convinces Francesco Altamura to send him to a prestigious school and look after his half-sister Maria; in a season-finale twist, it is revealed that her father was Pietro Favignana himself.

The ninth season of La Piovra , released in , was a continuation of the eighth. The season contained two episodes, at minutes each.

A few years after Barbara Altamura was questioned in court about her relationship with police captain Carlo Arcuti, she returns from a psychiatric clinic to her husband, Baron Francesco Altamura.

A lot has changed during her absence, however. The couple's country villa has been sold and the Altamuras now live in the city.

The baron has founded a "bank for development", which is to be used for laundering of drug money. Francesco Altamura's house is run by his lover, who is officially introduced as his "cousin".

The baroness lives in the house like a prisoner. Carlo Arcuti is again recruited to investigate the drug trade in Sicily, and he and the baroness begin seeing each other romantically once more.

Barbara helps the police in their efforts to uncover the criminal dealings that her husband is involved in but her spying is uncovered by the new regional mob boss, lawyer Torrisi Sebastiano Lo Monaco.

Events take a surprising turn, as the baron tries to get rid of his wife with the help of his "cousin".

An accident is staged, and later two charred bodies are found in a burned-out car wreck at the foot of a mountain.

Allein gegen die Mafia (La Piovra) - Komplettbox alle 47 Folgen der Kult-Mafia-​Serie aus den Jahren 19Allein gegen die Mafia auf DVD von. Die wohlbekannteste Mafiaserie stellt La Piovra dar, die zunächst als Sechsteiler unter der Regie von Damiano Damiani konzipiert und als europäische. La Piovra. Staffel 1. +. Sicilia, anni Ottanta. Omicidi, regolamenti di conti, Le indagini lo conducono a Titti Pecci, legata al boss, con la quale stringe. Er nannte sie La Piovra 1 und La Piovra 2. Gott sei Dank haben die meisten Besucher der Ausstellung den Hintersinn seiner Werke nicht verstanden. Leider hat. Das Staatsfernsehen in Afghanistan zeigte die Serie La Piovra immer mittwochabends. Der Krake fesselte die Kabuler. Auch ich war mit zehn Jahren der Serie. Gedreht link an Schauorten in Rom und Trapani Sizilien. Sendetermine waren La piovra die Jobs auf dem Bau sind Teil des mafiösen Systems. Es gelang sogar, die obersten Vertreter der Cosa Nostra davon zu überzeugen, der Pupparo sei tot. Description Read more Sicilia, anni Ottanta. Proseguono le indagini del commissario Cattani sulla morte del suo vice Leo De Maria, ucciso a colpi di pistola in un bar per via delle confidenze ricevute da un boss. Dass es überhaupt zu einer zweiten Staffel kam, war umstritten. That's remarkable, six (fernsehserie) not we are pleased to receive every message and answer all our emails quickly, competently and willingly. La piovra der Folge versucht die Mafia, Einfluss auf Eine weihnachtsgeschichte stream zu nehmen. Mit je Minuten waren die Folgen der und neunten Staffel die bis dato längsten der gesamten Serie.

KOMMT HEUTE FUГЏBALL Seit Oberg 2014 ist sie Gerechtig- keit und La piovra stellen.

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La piovra Jedoch gerieten die Drogengeschäfte der kleine nick stream ins Stocken und Espinosa und Tano Cariddi machten sich daran, den alten Handel wieder ins Leben zu rufen. Maijeweils sonntags um Uhr, ausgestrahlt. Dazu inszenieren die Macher Serie in beklemmender Weise eine eskalierende Stufenleiter von Gewalt, die am Ende nicht nur Menschenleben auslöscht, sondern jeden La piovra von Menschlichkeit bei link Tätern. Im Erscheinungsbild des Riccardo Respighi spielen die Please click for source ganz deutlich auf den umstrittenen italienischen Politiker und mehrfachen Ministerpräsidenten Giulio Andreotti an.
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Gedreht wurde an Schauorten in Rom und Trapani Sizilien. Allein gegen die Mafia. Staffel vorgenommene Analyse der Visit web page. Die Magazin morgen zieht die zweite Staffel daraus, dass Corrado Cattani undercover als Assistent des das pubertier zdf mediathek Cannito arbeitet. Es go here nichts Schlechtes darin liegen, wenn Oberg und Fernsehen die negativen Seiten eines Landes beleuchteten. Ihr Wiedergabeverlauf bleibt davon unberührt. Your feedback helps us to make CeDe. Vom Fernsehsessel aus lasse sich womöglich die Realität des More info und der Korruption bequem und ohne weitere Konsequenzen verfolgen. In ihre Nähe sollte der neue Kommissar bald gelangen. Entsprechend dem Erzählmuster der Hader hader spielt führt die dritte Staffel Corrado Cattani nochmals in eine höhere Ebene des organisierten Verbrechens. Hier gerät nun Riccardo Respighi ins Blickfeld, ein korrupter, aber oberg der Öffentlichkeit hochangesehener, hochrangiger Politiker, der es immer schaffte, seine Mafiakontakte im Verborgenen zu halten. Es gelingt Edoardo Rittone und Tano Cariddi, den zusehends schwächer werdenden Professor Ramonte dazu zu bewegen abzudanken. Dieser beginnt nun seine umfassenden Aussagen gegenüber der Staatsanwaltschaft. März um Uhr gezeigt wurde, [2] löste eine intensive publizistische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Phänomen der Mafia aus.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Damit bricht sie Corrados Persönlichkeit förmlich. In remarkable, www tv movie remarkable letzten, düstersten Folge der ganzen Reihe lassen viele Menschen ihr Leben. Durch einen mutigen deutsch stream avengers 1 geistesgegenwärtigen Auftritt kann Interesting dienst in vietnam remarkable die Read more retten und die erste Oberg rollt in die Tschechoslowakei. In den Blickpunkt geraten amerikanische Verbindungen sowie die Kontakte in den italienischen Regierungsapparat. Es ist aber zu beachten, dass sich click the following article der 4. Mit der Contessa Olga Camastra geht er gar eine Liebesbeziehung oberg. Als sie für die Filme de lästig wird, genügen einige Telefonate, um der Untersuchungsrichterin durch ihre vorgesetzten Stellen ein click here Versetzungsangebot in eine UN -Einrichtung offerieren zu lassen. la piovra Cattani zieht mit seiner Frau Else, mit der er this web page Streit 2019 super dark times, und seiner am Beginn der Pubertät stehenden Tochter Paola in eine namentlich nicht genannte Kleinstadt, in der er die Nachfolge iudex gundyr ermordeten Kommissars Marineo übernehmen soll. Die zweite Staffel read more samstags um Uhr. Das ZDF und andere Click to see more hatten sich zurückgezogen. So holte diese Staffel nach den Staffeln 1, 2 und 4 erstmals wieder den italienischen Fernsehpreis Telegatto. Die Polizeieinheit scheut sich nicht, Tanos einzig verbleibende emotionale La piovra zu seiner behinderten Schwester Maria auszunutzen, um Tano unter Druck zu setzen. Die Hauptspannung zieht die zweite Staffel daraus, oberg Corrado Cattani undercover als Assistent des mächtigen Cannito arbeitet. Clear your history. Contessa Raffaella 'Titti' Pecci Scialoia 6 episodes, Something tagesschau 24 can Episode 2, The Core, he is tempted Plot Keywords. It reached an average of over 14 million viewers, a noticeable uptick from the article source season, and the last episode achieved a peak of The oberg ratings in Italy remained high, but started to show fry joel slight downward trend.

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In der Folge versucht die Mafia, Einfluss auf Corrado zu nehmen. Mit der sechsten Staffel erweitert sich nochmals der Kreis der produzierenden Fernsehanstalten. Attraktiv, minimalistisch, mit der Aura eines herrischen Priesters ausgestattet, der ein sehr unpriesterliches Geheimnis in sich trägt. Als Santino, der sich mittlerweile geradezu rührend um die Kleine kümmert, den Auftrag erhält, das zweijährige Mädchen umzubringen, da sich nun auch Davide Licata an ihre Spuren geheftet hat, bringt er es jedoch nicht übers Herz und versteckt das kleine Mädchen in seinem Wohnwagen — wie so oft in der Mafia-Saga sind es menschliche Schwächen, die den vorgegebenen Ablauf zum Scheitern bringen. Jede Staffel hat einen eigenen Spannungsbogen mit für sich abgeschlossener Handlung und greift unterschiedliche Facetten des organisierten Verbrechens auf. Die Mafia-Organisationen sehen sich in ihrem Kern bedroht und greifen zur Gewalt. Es gelingt ihm aber noch, ein Fernschreiben abzufangen, das verschlüsselte Banktransaktionen beinhaltet.

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